The Speed Training Report
Athletes' Acceleration
Sneak Preview

Here's a quick sneak peak at what you'll be getting each month in The Speed Training Report.

Remember, this isn't meant to be a sales pitch. In fact, we're not even taking orders right now. We're just offering you some insight on what you can expect to receive once you do join our coaching community…

The Big Offer:

The Speed Training Report Newsletter

Each month The Speed Training Report will be mailed to your front door. Each issue is packed with articles that will cover any of a number of topics in athletic development. The topics come from the large number of questions you send us each and every day, so we’re 100% confident it will be the specific information that will help you and your athletes achieve all your goals.

In fact, each issue will fall in the range of 20 - 25 pages and every article is a minimum of 1500 words.

So no skimpy content!!

And these articles are exclusives!

Contributors can not reproduce or republish these articles for a minimum of 6 months after they first appear in The Speed Training Report. Members are the
only people who can access this insider information! And you will not see me or Patrick republish any of our new content on any of our sites for even longer than that!

If you think the Complete Speed Training Newsletter has been a valuable resource, the Speed Training Report is like it's stronger, faster, smarter (and cooler) older brother.

Not to take anything away from the Complete Speed Training Newsletter (after all I write and record it!) but The Speed Training Report is a superior information resource across the board.

Remember those polls we've been sending out?

We take your suggestions, create great article and interview topics and bring them to the experts so you are actively involved in the direction and subject matter that we write about!


Monthly Audio Interrogation

On top of the Newsletter you get each month, you'll also receive a CD with an audio interrogation of a top coach or expert with every mailing. No fluff and no sales pitches, we'll just get right down to the best training information we can possibly give you.

And these interviews are not re-broadcasts. They were recorded specifically for The Speed Training Report.

Got a topic or expert you want to hear? Let us know and we’ll do our best to add that to the curriculum.

The content we deliver is shaped by the desires and suggestions of our Members.

Still want more?

The Speed Training Report Website

Members of The Speed Training Report will create their own username and password to access the growing community within this ‘members only’ website.

Here, you'll be able to access this month's Speed Training Report. This way you'll have digital access to your Newsletter from anywhere in the world where internet access is available.

Too impatient to wait for The Report to arrive in the mail?

We'll load the information to the site on the same day each month so you can read your report the moment it becomes available.

In addition, you'll also have digital access to this month's Audio Interrogation.

Listen to it on your computer, download it as an mp3 file to your iPod and listen to it while you drive or work out.

The choice is yours.

Audio Transcripts

Each month, with your Speed Training Report newsletter, we'll also send you the transcript of that month's audio interrogation.

I know I like to reference interviews, highlight important parts, make notes and re-read certain sections without having to find the specific spot on the CD or mp3.

Now you'll have the transcript of the interview to read and re-read at your convenience!

You won’t miss a single word and you don’t have to be at your computer.

Technical Analysis

Here's how you develop your eye for technique; good and bad...

Members can send in video clips of their athletes. We'll break down the footage, comment on what's right and what's wrong and tell you what needs to be done to fix it.

Members can view the footage and the corrections from any computer.

Got an athlete with a problem you don’t know how to fix?

Not any more!

So whether you're having your own athletes broken down or looking at others,
you'll understand how to make both the short and long term corrections that result in faster speed and agility across a variety of sports and skill levels.

‘Call in Day’

We'll be holding a bi-monthly 'call in day' where community members can call in to Patrick and I to get answers to training questions. Any question on any topic when we open up the lines is safe to ask.

And if we can't give you a good answer, we'll consult our panel of experts and find it for you.

Live Teleconferences with the Experts

We'll be holding live quarterly teleconferences with our contributors where you can ask any question that you'd like to get answered.

Can't make the call? Send us your question and we'll ask in your behalf. Once the call is over, we'll upload it to the site for you to listen to at your convenience.

Exclusive Discounts

Each month we'll be offering exclusive discounts on products, equipment, apparel and other athletic related items.

Whether it's online discounts to stores like Eastbay and Dick's Sporting Goods, exclusive price reductions on training products and programs or even access to unbeatable equipment deals from our soon to be launched equipment store, just one purchase using one of these exclusive discounts could more than pay for your monthly membership.

We're trying to line up a few more extras to make this even more valuable for you, but until I'm 100% sure I'll keep them to myself.

What I can tell you is that we have a few more exclusive bonus items that we'll be offering for a limited time when we launch on April 17th.

I haven't decided if we'll only offer them for the first 24 hours of the launch or for the first ‘X’ number of members, but if you hesitate, we will take them away!

That's our sneak peak at what you’ll be getting when you join The Speed Training Report community.

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