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Now, what I want to do next is show you some of the more advanced speed training drills that we cover in complete speed training that you can and will need to do once your athletes get beyond the marching drills. 

So here's an A skip again. 

We covered this a little bit earlier but now we have the arm actions going.  The A run.  Again it's march to skip to run.  This is again gonna be more of a fancy drill.  It's gonna be tough for athletes to keep those feet underneath their hips.  They're gonna want to reach out and extend back.  By recovering the heel and getting it more ago exaggerated range of motion.  I do this drill all the time especially as a workout sometimes. 

Especially in the winter because where I live we don't have access to good facilities in the winter and I don't want to be outside.  We get conditioning drill in.  Here's the fast leg.  This is my favorite, favorite speed development drill and I know it's probably going a little bit too fast for you to see in some cases here.  Here we're just doing the same thing we did in the A march, the A skip, the A run except for isolating it one leg at a time.  As athletes get better at it, they'll feel themselves progressing faster at a faster rate of speed. 

They'll be picking up horizontal velocity so when you add these speed training drills once you get the first one down, the march down and you start to add some of these more advanced drills that we cover in the program and get much more technical along those lines, then you're gonna be in a much better position to continue to develop speed.  You'll start to see athletes doing some really great things.  I was at practice the other day and I had basically separated things into two groups.  I called my advanced group, athletes who I'd been with only for the last three months and new athletes so I was running two separate groups. 

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The first group was my advanced group and I had them sort of wait and I taught the basic A march to the first group and they were all over the place.  Landing heel first and all other sorts of stuff.  Then I showed my fast group or my advance or my varsity group and they did the drills and it was like the difference between watching some rag tag kids ask like some military precision guys and girls. 
They were powerful and explosive and good range of motion.  It was actually kind of fun to watch and you could hear the "ooohs" and  "awwwwes" from the other group because they were like wow, that's really crazy how those kids are going.  That's was not from having a whole lot of experience so it doesn't take a long time to learn how to do these drills the right way.  It simply takes repetition and practice and good coaching and good cues. 

Making sure your athletes are learning how to do these speed drills the right way so you need to really focus on making sure you're doing that with your athlete and is teaching them right way because if nothing else, the sidestep overdrive down from this please, please, if you're not gonna practice this stuff on your own or get the right cues to teach it or understand how to do it, do not have your athletes do a bunch of half ass speed drills that are only gonna reinforce worse mechanics.  It is better to do nothing at all than teach them the wrong way.  If your athletes don't look like you see me doing here or at least cannot approximate it, they're not being taught correctly so please make that adjustment. 

Do the right thing and get that done right.  Again, in complete speed training, I progress all these speed training drills from simple to complex so that you know exactly where to start, what to say, how to teach it, what order to go in, where you're gonna finish, all the way back to where you're gonna start. 


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