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Discover the FIRST and ONLY All-Inclusive, Step by Step, Speed Development Program Guaranteed to Show You Exactly How to Make Your Athletes and Program the Gold Standard in Your Area!

Complete Speed Training DVD #1: Pre Competition

Here is the solution to the most crucial yet over-looked component of your training!

Your athletes losing up to 20% of their speed and power. Studies show that certain types of stretching prior to activity reduces power output, while making your athletes slower and less efficient.

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on Pre-Competition


Before every practice or competition, athletes must get the blood flowing to all of their muscles. When they don’t learn it right, not only will they be slow and heavy on their feet, but they’ll start getting hurt.

How often do your athletes experience pulled hamstrings, strained groins, shin splints and other nagging injuries that hold them back?

While some coaches might disagree, the solution does not lie in ‚’sucking it up’. You must incorporate a dynamic warm up each day where your athletes are actively and progressively increasing the intensity of their movements. Jogging followed by a group static stretch is an inferior, out dated means of starting a practice or getting ready for a competition. ‚’A’ Level programs do not use static stretching as their warm up.

It’s time to discover the shocking benefits of a structured dynamic warm-up and the latest, cutting edge flexibility enhancement exercises. In Complete Speed Training, you’ll get:

  • A proven progression for using speed drills to fix running form
  • Why changing your athletes’ warm up routine every few weeks leads to more consistent performances
  • The one simple reason you should never focus on stride length or stride frequency
  • 48 effective dynamic warm up exercises that prepare the body for the physical demands of practices and competitions, reduce the likelihood of injury and dramatically improve performance.
  • Discover whether or not static stretching actually improves flexibility
  • Proven warm-up routines you can use at your very next practice to save you both time and energy
  • 4 techniques for increasing speed, range of motion and reducing recovery time between workouts that must be included in every athlete‚Äôs training program for maximum results.


Complete Speed Training DVD #2: Agility Training

How to train your athletes to cut on a dime and make plays you never thought possible!

While an athlete may have a smoking 40 yard dash time, that doesn’t always make them the ‘fastest’ athlete on the field. Because speed has many different characteristics and your athletes must possess all the tools they’ll need to win more games.

I wonder if you’d have more success if your athletes were a step quicker off the line, first to the ball, faster up field, made razor sharp cuts, and could react and change directions at a moments notice . . .

Multi-directional speed and agility training puts your in the right physical position before they start the drill.

Because poor technique = poor performance.

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on Agility Training


When your athletes keep finding themselves out of position, can you keep teaching them the same old techniques and expect things to change?

Get the ready-to-use Agility Training DVD that simplifies this tricky subject by showing you:

  • Over 40 of the most effective agility drills and variations which will increase improvements in team foot speed, coordination and acceleration . . . all progressed from simple to complex
  • Quick and easy drills proven to develop coordination, timing and body awareness in athletes of all sports, ages and skill levels
  • Discover a step by step drill progression to challenge every athlete at each practice
  • How to teach your athletes to ‘cut on a dime’ even if they seem like a lost cause right now
  • A simple technique for getting athletes to do drills correctly the first time so you don’t have to waste practice time

Complete Speed Training DVD #3: Hardcore Conditioning

If your athletes are fading at the end of the game, then they need these breakthrough conditioning strategies!

Conditioning for speed and power athletes builds a foundation for the faster more explosive workouts coming later in the season. But some coaches are still stuck in the 1970′ when it comes to getting kids ‘in shape’.

The’re still running the same old workouts their coaches had them do when they were an athlete. While it may be the easy way out, running random workouts only hurts your athletes’ performance. And you don’t want to erase all the progress they’ve made in other areas by overtraining (or undertraining) them out of being competitive.

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on Hardcore Conditioning


Unlock the secrets of aerobic conditioning and discover the limitless training benefits found in the Hardcore Conditioning DVD that must be in every athlete’ speed training program, such as:

  • How to develop physical and mental strength using powerful conditioning exercises, complete with bonus sample programs and routines.
  • The absolute best time to use recovery work to aid in performance.
  • How to avoid the wrong type of conditioning
  • The truth about conditioning workouts – this one fact could change your whole approach to training!
  • Access the core training secrets which can develop the rock-solid midsection required for stabilizing the torso and maintaining perfect mechanics, especially when athletes get tired.
  • Why almost everyone is wrong about what ‘conditioning’ is.
  • Over 15 cutting-edge movements that will show your athletes how to transfer power through the hips, maximizing speed and explosiveness.
  • A gold mine of 74 cutting edge conditioning exercises that can:
    • Improve overall strength
    • Speed up your recovery
    • Increase aerobic conditioning without running useless mileage
    • Develop balance and coordination
  • New ways to get more out of strength training for young athletes not ready for the weight room.
  • How to quickly and easily create a base for heavier strength training and more intense workouts so athletes continue to improve

Complete Speed Training DVD #4: High Powered Training

How to Develop Explosive Power That Lasts All Season!

Some athletes are still doing “sets of 10” workouts in the weight room, using machines or doing leg extensions, hamstring curls and calf raises. You’ll be amazed to hear that some teenaged athletes aren’t even in the weight room at all!

While strength training does add extra effort to your practices, the best programs have updated their philosophies. And improved strength solves a lot of your athletes’ problems.

I believe you understand now is the time to address this part of your program by making it more efficient, modern and effective.

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on High Powered Training


But how comfortable are you in teaching your athletes proper lifting technique? How well do they execute the Olympic Lifts? (If their elbows are pointing down at the end of the clean, then they don’t know what they are doing.) When they aren’t lifting correctly, they shouldn’t be lifting at all.

Don’t ‘lift to lift’ or just follow some college team’s program. Because you’re ready to add these simple pieces to your program and reap the benefits for years to come.

The advanced High Powered Training DVD was developed to show you:

  • The top 10 strength training exercises every athlete must use in their training program
  • What almost every athlete is doing wrong in the weight room and how to fix it.
  • Virtually unknown progressions and techniques for maximizing strength gains in the weight room.
  • Specific exercises athletes should not do in the weight room
  • The correct way to use plyometric training to improve explosive power and acceleration (do this wrong and athletes WILL get hurt)
  • 3 eye opening facts about strength training that must be the foundation of every athlete’s training.
  • Discover simple coaching cues for the plyometric exercises responsible for developing explosive power, change of direction speed and quicker starts

Complete Speed Training DVD #5: Pure Speed Training

Who else wants to prevent their athletes from getting caught from behind or, even worse, losing ground after just the first few steps?

Many coaches believe kids are fast or they aren’t. And while this seems reasonable on the surface, the best coaches are taking advantage of those who ignore specific speed training in their practices.

Because Speed is a skill that you can learn. And every one of your athletes has mechanical, postural and technical issues you can fix.

Because you don’t know where to begin teaching (and re-teaching) athletes how to run, Pure Speed Training has broken it down into a step by step process. You’ll immediately begin to see your athletes’ technical problems and instantly know how to fix them.

After all, specific drills. fix specific problems. When you see the light go on in your kids’ heads as they begin to reprogram their strides with perfect technique, you’ll become a speed training expert practically overnight!

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of a Speed Training Drill


Speed is a skill and any athlete can pick-up the skills needed to reach their full speed potential, so they can:

  • Shave tenths off their fastest 40 times!
  • Beat their defender to the ball!
  • Explode out of the starting blocks!

The Pure Speed Training DVD is designed to show you:

  • My jealously guarded progression for teaching perfect running form.
  • How to quickly and easily fix running mechanics so athletes get faster
  • How to minimize the one force causing all athletes to fight themselves with every step they take.
  • My favorite workout for developing faster top speeds (crucial for track athletes!)
  • Perfectly demonstrated and clearly defined acceleration drills, cues and workouts teaching athletes how to accelerate smoothly and set up for the fastest top speeds.
  • The correct way to use hill training for speed development.
  • 2 simple methods for showing your athletes how to run as fast at the end of the game as they did at the beginning.
  • Discover the secret to maintaining near top speed so athletes can outrun their opponents – or run them down
  • How to quickly and easily fix running mechanics no matter how bad their form is right now.
  • Exclusive speed workouts your kids can use to get faster – today!
  • How to develop the ‘conditioning’ that actually improves competitive performance (most programs are doing this wrong!!)


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