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Complete Speed Training Hall of Fame

Disclaimer – Theses are the coaches and athletes that sent in their success stories and were not compensated in any way. These are our Hall of Famers. Their results are not common. There are many people that purchase Complete Speed Training and do nothing with the information. You actually have to work to get better. The Complete Speed Training Program is the program that we use to get our athletes faster, stronger and more explosive. Like any program, if you do not apply the information, you will not get any results. If you would like to join our Hall of Fame email us at


“Your work is FIRST CLASS!”

“I recently finished watching your training video and I can honestly say that it was AMAZING!! Your mastery of the material, the simplicity of the presentation and your hands on approach made it a great study!! I should also note that you crossed over into speed and agility training for multi-sport athletes very well!! Your work is FIRST CLASS!! Thank you and I will be promoting your program!!”

Jerry Espinosa
Regional Director – Bally’s Fitness Centers
Masters Track and Field Athlete

“Complete Speed Training has brought my coaching to a new level.”

“I love the Complete Speed Training set. I work with some high school track runners during the summer and have seen great results using the info in CST. Some of the info in CST I already knew but the info that I did learn has brought my coaching to a new level and has helped me coach three of my clients to PR’s twice in there sprints events and one is close to her school record.It’s nice to see that season speed Vets like yourselves are willing to help newbies in the business like me. I coached youth football and basketball for approx. 12 years and have won many track championships while running in Mass. for Northeastern University but that all means nothing if your not willing to do it right and learn from the best. Thanks again for your time.”

Coach Bill McCoy
Game Time Speed
East Providence, RI

“Exposes so much that is wrong with your current training.”

“I am a 24 year old soccer and gaa player form Ireland. I discovered Complete Speed Training last year when I was recovering from a bad back injury. I cannot put in words how grateful I am to Latif and Patrick for sharing there wealth of knowledge and understanding of how to become as fast as I can. The exercises are so well explained and easy to follow. The best things about this program are that when you follow it you will get faster, period ! Also you know exactly why you are doing each exercise and how to do it correctly. The attention to detail in the program alone gives me the motivation to go training. The worst thing about the program is that it exposes so much that is wrong with the current training you are working so hard at at the moment. I cant say enough good things about this program “

Michael ‘Mick’ Kilmartin
Tullamore, Ireland

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“I have been coaching and training high school athletes for 27 years and this is the most comprehensive program I have seen”


Dennis Amico
Head Track Coach
Melbourne, FL

“The Complete Speed Training program is a quality product and I have recommended it to many other coaches


Jackie Hibbler
Manchester, MO

“I have use Complete Speed Training for the past 12 months and it’s been extremely effective for my athletes…I have no hesitation in recommending it to ANY speed training coach what-so-ever.”


Greg Muller
Strength & Conditioning Coach – Rugby
New Zealand

“This is the first full season in track using the Complete Speed Training program and in our first meet, a 16 team invitational meet, our boys team took 1st and our girls were 3rd.”

Kathy Wardynski
Ontonagan, MI

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“The best resource I have found for building speed.”
“Patrick you have done it! Complete Speed Training lives up to its name and more! With over 15 years experience coaching and training in privately, collegiately, and in high school, this is the best resource I have found for building speed. Besides for having you right here in my office, the DVDs and accompanying manual is the next best thing. Plus, I can watch the DVDs again and again to make sure every detail is absorbed!

Complete Speed Training is a must have resource for all strength and conditioning coaches who work with athletes in the offseason. The simple, logical progressions ensure proper body position is taught. In fact, just by understanding why certain drills are excluded are worth the price of the package alone!

By covering all topics in a progressive manner, I was able to incorporate many of the drills right into our current program, and the results have been tremendous. The other day I actually had an athlete ‘click’ after a couple weeks of teaching the drive phase portion. He turned to me and said, “It felt like I was running downhill!” I laughed and explained that he simply was no longer fighting himself and overreaching when he accelerated.

Awesome stuff!!

I have spent thousands of dollars on CEU’s for my strength and conditioning certification over the years, and I have never received anywhere near the expertise on such an important subject. Thank you Patrick for sharing this amazing resource.

JR Haworth, CSCS
Director of Training
Athletic Matrix, Inc.

“This is a definite product you want in your library!”

“I highly recommend Complete Speed Training Package for every coach and athlete interested in learning how to get faster and stronger. This is a definite product you want in your library! If you are unsure how to set up a training program- Athletes’ Acceleration’s got it completely covered.

You will walk away from watching this DVD package fired up and ready to coach speed!”

Lee Taft
Director of Sports Performance

“If I was a high school coach or a performance coach this would be my Bible for speed & agility training!”
“Ok man, I have finished watching & reading your Complete Speed Training Package and it is AWESOME! In depth and no BS is exactly the type of information I need and you delivered BIG TIME!

The finer points of technique and progression for speed & agility training were great because I was completely missing these steps with my athletes which was limiting their true potential.

Your hard core conditioning and strength training DVD’s include a much needed and very often left out segment of speed training, especially for the young athlete. Most coaches don’t know what to do with strength training for speed and your DVD’s on strength training are going to open up their eyes and take their athlete to the next level!

I know that if I was a high school coach or a performance coach that this would be my Bible for speed & agility training!

Zach Even – Esh
Strength & Conditioning Coach
Edison, NJ

“The Complete Speed Training Program is priceless”
“It’s no secret that if you train correctly, you’ll develop the mental and physical ability to perform at your highest level. And I have been training athletes for years. But I have to say that the Complete Speed Training Program is priceless. Why? As I said before, it’s all about athleticism. I love helping athletes improve their abilities.

I encourage all athletes to use some of the techniques found in this program to revolutionize their game…football, soccer, basketball, whatever. I truly believe that if you’re improving yourself as an athlete, you will excel in whatever sport you choose to play and Complete Speed Training Program has helped me to do that with not only the athletes that I train, but also myself.”

James Cipriani CSCS, CPT
Cutting Edge Personal Training
Brookfield, CT

“Hands down this is one of the best products on the market for speed development! “Hands down this is one of the best products on the market for speed development!This is not just a laundry list of exercises to choose from; rather it is a step by step guide to developing blazing speed by progressing from basic exercise to advanced.
Working with elite baseball players I don’t have time to waste with drills that have little return for their investment. Complete Speed Training is loaded with extremely effective and efficient drills that will get my athletes in top shape for their season quickly and efficiently so that they can spend more time on their field skills to become better baseball players.If you’re interested in becoming a good athlete don’t buy this set, but if you are interested in becoming a GREAT athlete this is a must have for your collection!


Coach Dan Huff
Huff’s Baseball Training Methods
“Before I told the head coach what I was teaching her athletes; she made comments on how much faster her players were and wanted to know what I was doing with them.”
“I would like to comment on how well done the “Complete Speed Training Program” is. I have been teaching speed for years and was a little skeptical about your step over drive down technique, but I always try to approach new things with an open mind. I used the techniques in your programs with some of our softball players this past summer. Not only did their speed improve but most averaged a two step decrease getting from first base to second base. I observed them becoming much more efficient in using their bodies. Before I told the head coach what I was teaching her athletes; she made comments on how much faster her players were and wanted to know what I was doing with them. I now have been training my teams with these techniques. I will let you know how many championships we win this year. Thank you.”


Jerry Shreck
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Bucknell University

“A must have for all athletes and coaches looking to improve speed.”
“Complete Speed Training is a must have for all athletes and coaches looking to improve speed. The comprehensive manual and DVD set outlines a straightforward step by step training program that covers all the essential elements of speed development. From beginners to advanced athletes, this training system offers several effective drills. The in-depth videos provide easy application for all coaches working with athletes in need of speed and power development. From dynamic warm-up to pure speed drills, Complete Speed Training provides a clear blueprint for success.”

Brian Schiff, PT, CSCS
Owner – The Fitness Edge
Dublin, Ohio

“If you’re serious about winning then get your hands on a copy of Complete Speed Training today.”
“Speed kills. Period. If you want your athletes getting their asses kicked then I highly recommend you stand, pat, and do nothing. But if you’re serious about winning then get your hands on a copy of Complete Speed Training today. Maybe not all of your competition is researching ways to get faster, but you know full-well at least one team is. And if they get their hands on this information first…well, your kids are going to be in for a LONG day when they face them.

It’s simple: make the investment, get faster, win more.”

Jim Labadie
Achieve Total Fitness
Tampa, FL

“Hands down the best, most complete speed training information product I have ever purchased.”
“This is hands down the best, most complete speed training information product I have ever purchased. The team at Athletes Acceleration don’t just give you a list of drills to perform, they show you how to properly execute each drill with proper technique and give great coaching cues for teaching the various drills and correcting common errors.Each DVD is jam packed full of great information and drills that will enable you as an athlete or coach to better structure your warm up routines and speed sessions, ultimately leading to FASTER sprint times and improved athletic performance. The warm up prep DVD alone is worth the cost of the entire package! I am 100% confident in recommending Athletes’ Acceleration’s Complete Speed Training product, it’s a must have for both the serious coach and athlete.”


Ian Graham
Certified Personal Trainer
USA Track & Field Coach

“I’ve never seen any speed product like it in my entire life.”
“From a sport speed perspective, I’ve never seen any speed product like it in my entire life. I seriously doubt anybody could even come close unless they steal the content right from under your noses. Incredible. I’m not trying to hype this up for a ‘great testimonial’, but any coach that passes the opportunity to use you guys as a resource is a complete idiot. I don’t care what their ‘specialty’ is.”


Todd Scott
Training Advisor, Men’s Fitness and Muscle & Fitness Hers magazines
Owner, Results! Fitness

“My biggest regret is not getting it sooner.”
“I have heard people say ‘you can’t teach speed.’ I can tell you, after just one month of using Complete Speed Training, that is a huge myth. I am a 46 year old man with a 13 year old son. With only a month to go before he started football we trained for 4 weeks. Both of us in that short of a time made quantum leaps in our speed and quickness. Oh my goodness. It is an enlightening experience.My biggest regret is not getting it sooner. Seeing how much faster and quicker my son is, feeling how much more spry I feel, I cannot say enough. Anybody that cares about athletic development should put what you teach to work. Thank you.”


John Reagan
Monterey, California